About Dick Weaver

Dick Weaver is not one to sit still for long.  Facing some health concerns in 2010, Dick knew he had to give up his weekly business trips to Mississippi; but he was not about to resign himself to inactivity.  Instead, he saw a 16-acre tract of land he owned in New Smyrna Beach as an exciting opportunity to do something he’d never done before – grow produce and raise chickens, and do it all naturally.

“Going green” was nothing new for Dick. Two decades ago, he and his sons developed a 253-acre site in New Smyrna using an environmentally sensitive design that guaranteed minimal impact on the environment. But starting a natural farm was clearly going to be a new adventure.

For years, Dick has been concerned about the widespread use of chemicals and their impact not only on the environment but on our health.  With “going green” finally becoming more mainstream and the cost of food on the rise, he believes that small local farms committed to organic farming are the wave of the future.  So in 2010, Dick set out to ride that wave !!

In his ongoing effort to ensure that every aspect of his farm is as green as possible, Dick has invested in an electrolyzed water system. With this system, Dick has no need for toxic chemical cleaners and sanitizer, as the 100% non-toxic solutions it produces clean everything from fresh eggs to tile floors, sanitize and freshen produce, and even produce alkaline water for human consumption. A healthy pH level in our bodies is essential to optimum health!

An active octogenarian, Dick lives in New Smyrna Beach with his wife of 61 years. All but one of his seven children also live in the area.